Science Communication and Outreach

I am associated with numerous science communication and outreach initiatives around the Research Triangle area of North Carolina, and beyond.

Science Communication Training: I was the chair of ComSciCon Triangle 2019, a workshop designed to empower STEM graduate students in Research Triangle of North Carolina to communicate the concepts in their field and beyond to diverse audiences. I was a co-organizer of the 2018 workshop, where I moderated a panel on ‘Pitfalls of Science Communication‘, organized the Write-a-thon activity and Expert Review Lunch, and facilitated pitching of attendee pieces to outlets like Scientific American and American Scientist.

At UNC, in my capacity as the Vice President of the American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists (AAPS) Student Chapter, I facilitated the planning and execution of a Science Communication Bootcamp in January 2019, in collaboration with other student groups.

OncoBites: I co-founded a cancer research science communication blog called OncoBites where a team of graduate scientists and Ph.D.s with a passion for cancer research has gathered to share cutting-edge research with a wider audience. As of Aug 2019, about 30 authors around the world have contributed about 100 bite-sized articles, approximately five minute reads that share what is exciting in the field of cancer research, with over 20,000 views in more than 100 countries.

  • Cancer Research in a Nutshell  Aug 2019, Scientific American (A Co-Founder’s perspective on OncoBites, a website that offers short, easy-to-understand reports
    on what’s new in the field)

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Poster on OncoBites presented at 2019 ComSciCon National Workshop at San Diego, CA

Science Writing: I have written numerous scientific pieces for wider audiences. A list is attached:

Science Outreach: I have presented different scientific topics in health sciences and biological sciences before audiences of elementary school to high school students, and adults, in different settings ranging from classrooms to science museums.


NC Museum
Presenting a talk on Immune System and Cancer in NC Museum of Natural Sciences